What our customers are saying


Residential and commercial customers want heating and plumbing services to be arranged quickly, completed efficiently, and priced competitively. No one wants to wait around all day for a plumber, have a project take more time because all the materials or tools are not available, and then have to worry about how high the bill will be when it arrives. When things do not go according to expectations, people complain about the company. What most customers do not realize is that there are things they can do to help expedite heating and plumbing services.

The first thing they can do is provide as much detail as possible regarding the problem, the type of system in the building, or the services requested. A residential customer calls to indicate the house is cold and requests service. That vague description can mean several things. A thermostat may be malfunctioning, a valve on the furnace may be clogged, or there may be an issue with the gas line to a boiler. The company does not have much information to use to select the right professional, or anticipate what parts and tools may be needed. Many companies have fully stocked repair trucks, but it is not possible to carry everything to each call.

Should that same customer call and say the thermostat was turned up, but the heater did not kick on, or the boiler is making a lot of noise and the house is now ten degrees colder than it was an hour ago, the company has more detail. Be as clear as possible, indicate whether the system is gas, electric, or oil, and do not wait until the house is freezing to call. 24 hour boiler repair, or emergency boiler repair, is offered by many companies, but if the house is cold at 4pm, make the call then. It will take less time to get someone to the house in the early evening than it will in the middle of the night.

Customers who want work completed correctly the first time, which is a reasonable expectation, should find corgi registered plumbers with whom to do business. Membership does not guarantee excellence, but those who are corgi approved have to meet criteria regarding qualifications, customer service, and professional standards. It is more likely that the service will meet or exceed customer expectations. It also means customers will have the opportunity to make a complaint or register a concern, if services are not adequate.Knowing what is preferred before calling for non-emergency services, in terms of scheduling and scope of the needs, is also helpful in expediting services. Managers of an apartment buildings who need to schedule renovations for bathrooms on a particular floor should have a clear idea of what the project entails before calling to arrange plumbing services. If there is a deadline for completion, mention it when making the initial call. It will make a difference in scheduling.