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When it comes to boiler repair, a word to the wise, don’t put it off. In fact, small issues that seem like a non-issue will eventually escalate to more costly repairs down the road. Also, it may result in a complete breakdown and no heat for a home. If the furnace is malfunctioning, it may pose a danger to people inside the home. While regular maintenance can help to minimize the need for emergency boiler repair, some problems are completely unavoidable. Knowing what to look for in regard to boiler issues can be helpful, therefore, some of the most common issues can be found here.

Strange Sounds Emitting from the Unit

While the majority of boilers will produce some level of sound while they are on, any change in the sounds may indicate a problem. It is essential to take note if the sounds become louder, or if they change since this may mean that one of the components of the boiler is not functioning properly. For example, if a homeowner hears a hissing sound, then this is usually due to sludge or iron deposits that create uneven water distribution. This may lead to the system overheating and shutting down completely. If this occurs, then 24 hour boiler repair could definitley be necessary.

Strange Odors in the Home

If a homeowner begins to notice strange smells in their home, which are able to be tracked down to the boiler, then it is important to call for repairs right away. This may indicate a serious issue such as a gas leak. It is also important to have periodic testing for any signs of carbon monoxide. If this issue is not caught in a timely manner, it may result in sickness and in some situations, death.

Leaking Water around the Boiler

If a homeowner sees water has begun to collect around the base of the boiler, they are going to need to have the unit inspected and fixed in a timely manner. Water that is constantly coming out of the unit makes it extremely difficult for the boiler to heat the water to the proper temperature. This will result in the system needing more fuel to operate and put additional stress on the entire system.

If a homeowner needs to have their system inspected or repaired, they should trust corgi registered plumbers. These professionals know what to look for and how to fix problems quickly. By taking the time to call in the professionals, they will have their boiler repaired and back in working condition quickly.