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A boiler is a water heater that also provides central heating to your home. A traditional boiler has a cold water storage tank and a hot water cylinder, while a combination, or combi, boiler heats water on demand rather than storing it. If you’re considering the purchase of a new boiler, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, and both are likely to need repair at some point.

A conventional boiler is generally better at providing a strong flow of water from more than one tap and may be the best choice for a large house with several bathrooms. However, they require a good bit of space, and they can run out of hot water. Since a boiler heats water it’s used or not, it may not be the most energy-efficient solution for a small home. Combi boilers, on the other hand, provide an unending supply of hot water on demand, guaranteeing that you never run out of hot water mid-shower. In addition, they take up much less space and are easy to install. The biggest problem associated with a combi boiler is low water pressure, especially if more than one tap is running at a time.

Regardless of the type of boiler you have, chances are you’ll need to call a plumber for repair at some point. The following are some of the most common problems with boilers and what they may indicate.

Low Boiler Pressure

The pressure gauge on the front of the boiler should be at the 1.0 bar. If your pressure is lower than that, it could be a sign of a leak somewhere in your system, such as a pipe joint or the radiators.

A Leaking Boiler

Some of the most common causes of leaks are a broken valve or seal, corroded pipes, or a bad pipe fitting. It’s very important to get leak seen to right away because it could cause a short circuit in the electrical system as well as leading to rust or further corrosion.

A Banging Noise

In a conventional boiler, the water tank can accumulate mineral deposits that create hot spots. These are spots where the water boils faster, and when the bubbles rise to meet cooler water and burst, this can cause a banging or knocking sound. A too-high boiler temperature or pockets of air in the tank can also cause this sound.

No Hot Water

There are several reasons why you may not be getting hot water from your boiler. There may be a problem with your electrical supply or with electric heating elements in your tank. Another possible cause is a broken water pump or a malfunctioning thermostat.

If you’re having any of these problems, don’t hesitate to call for a professional plumber. It’s never advisable for a homeowner to try DIY repair involving a gas-powered system. If you need emergency boiler repair, you can find corgi registered plumbers in your area who offer 24 hour boiler repair.