Our Commercial Plumbing Services


Whether the commercial building is an apartment complex, a retail store, a medical facility, or a factory, managing maintenance and repair services can be a full time job. There are plumbing repairs, heating systems, drainage issues, and installations that have to be addressed. Managers have to call for services, wait for professionals to arrive, and keep track of payments made to each company. That can take up a lot of time and money, if a separate company or individual is used for each type of problem, inspection, or installation. Businesses can simplify the process by selecting a local company that provides comprehensive services at competitive pricing.

One call, same day service in most cases, and access to 24 hour boiler repair, will help keep any commercial building operating smoothly and efficiently. Providing corgi registered plumbers, gas-safe certified technicians, heating engineers, and qualified electricians when needed for heating issues or installations, means one place can accommodate most needs. Plumbers can repair leaky faucets and showers, supply and install bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and fix burst pipes. They can also repair old radiators, relocate existing ones, or install new ones. Installation of already purchased appliances and fixtures is also available.

Heating engineers complete inspections for landlord safety certificates, and compliance with regulations. They can also install gas or oil boilers, immersion heaters, cylinders, radiators, central heating systems, and gas or electric fires. Electricians are available if needed for installing new systems. Inspections, maintenance, and repairs on boilers and appliances are also offered, along with emergency boiler repair. Drainage specialists are available for blocked toilets, pipes, sinks, shower, and drains. They can quickly diagnose the problem, remove the blockage, and ensure the draining system is cleared. Free consultations and quotes are offered for large commercial jobs.

Maintenance will save time and money in all areas. Inspections and routine maintenance will prolong the life of systems, alert business owners to minor repairs needed, and ensure maximum efficiency. An undetected leak in a bathroom, for example, can cost a business a lot of money. The water bill will go up, the pressure goes down, clogs are more frequent, and staff and customers are inconvenienced. Suddenly unblocking a toilet becomes a major repair because piping has to be repaired, the floor boards may need repairing due to water damage, and the toilet itself may have to be replaced. A heating system that is not operating efficiently will burn more gas or oil, cause the boiler to work harder, and may be cranked higher to make the space comfortable. Cleaning the system, or resetting the internal thermostat may prevent all that extra cost.